Passing Storm

The pain often comes on suddenly and there seems to be no rhyme or reason …


No way to explain why I suddenly hurt, feel overwhelmed, confused, and yes, even angry at times


Longing for it to pass quickly but the fire on my back prevails and on every sore place which is routinely ablaze


While there are moments I am able to pinpoint a certain stressful instance to reason the vicious fibre attack, some times it simply occurs without any provocation; at least, none that I am aware of


Sadness comes and goes as do the sweet days when pain is but a memory


Without notice and like a flash flood bent on ripping through my being, the relentless aches prevail


To those who have never endured such a constant torment, thank God above that you have been spared


Please don’t ask me to tell you just how much I hurt or tell me that I can make it go away by changing my thoughts or rising above my pain – it is not that simple


Don’t ignore my small cries for understanding and compassion or misinterpret them for signs of weakness


Remember, I endure chronic pain and you seldom will know it until my bearing it is more costly than the risk of sharing it with someone I trust – like you


What do I need from you?


Be an attentive listener who is gentle with your responses and words. Remember the strong person that you know me to be and do not try to rationalize my pain. Care intentionally and ask me what I need from you. I may or may not respond so your presence may just be enough for the moment.


Not to worry, I won’t always be in this state so be patient with me … a good day is just ahead of this passing storm.



Kathy Solivan is a native New Yorker of island-born Puerto Rican parents. Her love for people and life has been challenged over the years as she quietly battled with chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia and fought to live her life. Kathy is an ardent supporter of the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America, Inc. (FCSA) through various fundraising and advocacy efforts, including the *2017 NJ Caterpillar Run committee. Kathy is an active advocate for people living with fibromyalgia and plans on using her education, skills and life experiences to help those living with fibromyalgia.