The Fibromyalgia Care Society of America Youth Advocates Program (FYA) promotes unity among young people living with fibromyalgia. Through our work the FYA are able to come together to discuss fibromyalgia as it relates to their lives. From the stressors of going back to school, to the pressures of fitting in and showing up as a young person, FYA member work to offer a support system for young people living with fibromyalgia.

Breathing as
a Tool to Manage Fibromyalgia

An expert in yoga and breath work, Nick Demos, discusses meditation and other holistic practices that help manage Fibromyalgia symptoms with Mesha Allen, FCSA's Fibro Youth Advocates Coordinator.

Nick Demos has been teaching yoga, breath work, meditation and creativity for over a decade. He is a 1000hr ERYT-500 senior teacher. Additionally he has an online membership community, CONSCIOUS CREATIVES, for the holistic wellness of creatives and entrepreneurs.


the sunny side of life

with caraline shedd

Fibro Youth Advocate, Caraline Shedd encourages individuals to maintain optimism despite pain caused by Fibromyalgia. She shares how she finds light in days she finds herself overwhelmed by Fibro.

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Contact her at cshedd@fibro.org with suggestions for upcoming topics and videos related to young people living with Fibromyalgia.



Fibro Youth Advocate, Francisco Martinez Jr. encourages Fibro Warriors and Ally’s to participate in our annual Caterpillar Walk.

The Caterpillar walk program is a fundraising campaign designed to raise awareness, support for Fibromyalgia and build unity amongst the Fibro community. Join the Movement to help support the introduction of the Nations first Center of Excellence (COE) program for people living with fibromyalgia. 100% of proceeds raised are earmarked for the COE program.

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Fibro Youth Coordinators

Mesha Allen

Mesha Allen is a recent graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey with a B.A. in Contemporary Arts in Jan. 2018, where she took courses in Music Studies, Health & Wellness, and participated in activities focused on Social Justice Issues. She's a life-long resident of Newark, NJ and is a music enthusiast, loves to laugh, and advocates for young people living with chronic pain and invisible illnesses in underserved communities. Mesha has been committed to advocating for youth with Fibromyalgia through the Fibro Youth Advocate program since 2018.


Caraline Shedd

Caraline Shedd, is a North Carolina native, who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the age of 19. Over the years, Caraline has made it her personal mission to build a keen understanding of fibromyalgia to not only help her with her own experience, but to also help others. In fact, her passion and desire to help others lead to the founding of her own YouTube Channel, The Living Tree, which gives voice to her experience living with fibromyalgia. Caraline’s goal is to continue to better herself, to continue growing and to learn, so that she may share her life’s experience with Fibromyalgia through the good days and bad days, with others like her.


Francisco Martinez, Jr.

Born in Bronx, NY and later moving to Newark, NJ, Francisco Martinez is a retired United States Marine Corps veteran and person living with Fibromyalgia. He joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17 where he worked as a Combat Correspondent. During his second enlistment, Francisco was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. He was 24. Following his diagnosis, he was medically retired and has since been working alongside the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America as a Fibro Youth Advocate. He is currently attending Bergen County College where he is majoring in Social Work. Francisco looks forward to using his educational background and experience within the military to help fellow veterans heal from stress related trauma caused by military experience.



Skylar Allen

Skylar Allen

Ciara Serpa

Ciara Serpa

Mandy Radie

Mandy Radie

Anaya Fuentes

Anaya Fuentes