The Faithful

In the darkness
I can't understand
why the light doesn't penetrate
not a single strand
Where goodness has no worth
and mercy no return
I can't see the flames
but my skin feels the burn
Of the fire that scorches
the faithful and their dreams
the smoke chokes our lungs
so we can't even scream
We are locked in a room
without windows or doors
our decency is a curse
oozing out of our pores
We scratch open a crack
For some light and air
and see a broken angel
kneeling in prayer
She smiles in silence
and nods her head
Her lips never move
but we know what she said

Written by Janey-Coyne Scaturro


I've always had fragments of my own poetry and song lyrics swirling around in my head since I was young but I never thought to write them down. When I turned 49 in 2012 and was one year away from 50 it dawned on me that I had more time behind me than in front of me so I felt an urgency to finally put the thoughts and feelings down on paper. I had no idea that hundreds of poems were about to pour out, enough to fill six books so far. They are mostly about living and loving and the struggle of trying to get it right, triumph and failure, pain and joy, and the wonder of this thing we call life. My books are published on Amazon Kindle Ebooks. Fibromyalgia is what I have, it does not define who I am, or limit what I can accomplish.