Myrna Lopez Cartagena

My name is Myrna Lopez Cartagena, and I live in Lake Mary, Florida.  I am currently single, I have three daughters and five grandchildren. I love to spend time with my grandchildren, cook, dance, sing, sew and travel. I first realized something was different with my health when my body began to feel different and I experienced extreme pain. I was diagnosed in 1997, I was 40 years old.


My Fibromyalgia diagnosis changed my life because I could not walk
long distances or do hard work anymore, everything became different. I
had to make major lifestyle changes.  My family has always been really understanding and supportive. The most challenging aspect of Fibro for myself has been to not be able to do things like before my body completely changed.


I am open about my illness and symptoms with my family and friends. I have family members with this condition, so they are very understanding. Besides Fibro, I also have Asthma and High Blood Pressure. I am a Thyroid Cancer Survivor! The best advice I received regarding Fibromyalgia is don’t feel
you are alone, always know that there are other people out there with the same condition, and we can help and support each other.  It is also very important to have communication with your doctor and your family. I manage my Fibromyalgia by making sure I take my medicine and that
I’m good emotionally.


My biggest battle with Fibro is when I can’t move due to the pain all
over my body. During those times, I just lay down and rest. My inspiration is God, all the time.